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The rear of the drawers showing hasps for which students supply their own padlocks if desired. In case a key is lost, the padlock is the only thing that has to be removed.

Photos of a powder coated aluminum ledge for use with Stak Easels

To keep painting tools handy, we offer an optional Palette Tray for use with either the Slope or Stak Easel™.

Measuring 18" x 12" plus handle, this aluminum tray has attachment points for use with a 10" x 13" plastic insert (available from Holbein). There are two openings for cups of water or thinner, and holes for a variety of brush handle sizes. Its adjustability allows users to keep materials level even when the Slope is tilted.


The Cosumnes River Drawing Support Tray (for use on the Stak Easel™)

was refined in response to an instructor request: a deeper space for his students to keep drawing tools close to hand, and an angled lip allowing

easy retrieval of pencils, etc.
Its two radii fit neatly against the Stak uprights and the front cutouts rest

on the Barnesville Clip.
Made of powder coated aluminum, it measures about 3½" x 18".

Photo of a powder coated aluminum tabletop easel

This tabletop easel is ideal for working on small-scale projects. It's powder coated aluminum with multiple angles of adjustment. It's quick to pop open and lockable in its closed position, and has a hole to hang it for storage.


Over the years we've created equipment for printmaking and ceramic studios, ranging from stone storage racks to tables with integrated cupboards separated by screens to optimize drying time. For images of pieces created in cooperation with instructors looking to make the best possible use of their space, click here!

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