Custom Projects

Barnesville Easels in partnership with Janssen Machine Company recently completed the installation of custom made equipment for the Art and Architecture facility, NDSU Downtown, at North Dakota State University in Fargo North Dakota.

Barnesville Easels welcomes the opportunity to discuss your special needs for art equipment. As you can see from this project, our designs are functional and sturdy. Most work is done with powder-coated steel. In addition, our prices are competitive with mass manufactured products. Please call, write or e-mail us for further information.


Equipment designed for this facility includes lockable storage cabinets.
Ceramics Professor, David Swenson, believes that lockers waste space, but lockers incorporated in work tables make sense. These heavy duty lockers fit neatly below a sturdy work table.

In addition, we fabricated ware tables, moveable storage racks and a clay mixer for this “state of the art” ceramics facility.

In the printmaking studio, we fabricated a graining sink, stone storage rack, wash-out sink for screen-printing (not shown) and several large 5 ft. x 9 ft. work tables.

Painting and drawing studios are equipped with our Taborets and Slope easels. (See product catalogue) The Architecture studios are equipped with cabinets and specially designed work tables. These tables feature surfaces of Straw board, a locally produced product totally free of binders or glues containing dangerous chemicals